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May 11, 2013
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Fat Timon by BlackEmberDragon455 Fat Timon by BlackEmberDragon455
Timon would rather eat junk food, than bugs! Bugs aren't good for your health! Junk food would make furry animal characters go big, and soft in the belly!

My version of Timon the Meerkat from The Lion King movie series. Timon's eyebrows are fuzzier than Disney's design. His hair is red as a tomato, but it is quite similar than his original design. His fur coat is a sun tan color, but it looks identical to his design. The color of his eyelids, inside ears, markings on his back, fingers, toes, and tail are light brown, but the look similar to the design of his model. And the color of his lower face, throat, chest, and belly are bright yellow, than than the color of his original design.

I used to be terrified of Timon, back in those days. But nowadays, I'm not afraid of him, anymore!

Timon is now my favorite character from The Original Lion King, and Simba's Pride. He's also my favorite protagonist in The Lion King 1/2!

I apologize for not allowing the comments on this drawing. Because I haven't got much time to let anyone to reply to it! So thanks for liking it, anyways!

Timon and The Lion King belong to Disney Enterprises inc.
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